Habana Vieja

Habana Vieja is the symbol of the historic charismatic heart of Cuba’s capital city. The old part of town holds a special fascination in terms of atmosphere and architecture.
Here you can admire colonial structures alongside typical Cuban buildings, all colorful and rich in architectural detail. This historic area is indissolubly charming. Old bookshops alternate with crowded pubs and the few parking lots are filled with the colorful vintage automobiles that have practically become the symbol of the island. Habana Vieja was recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so its heart and soul will be safeguarded to allow visitors to encounter its original atmosphere, that of a hot welcoming city full of attractions; where the rhythm of the Rumba floats across characteristic cobbled squares, classic cars cruise the streets, splendidly restored historic forts, museums and architectural gems share the history that shaped this amazing city. For a real sensory experience, explore Habana Vieja on foot. Amble down long narrow alleyways overflowing with music and chat with the locals. Explore the Spanish forts. Sip coffee in one of the many squares where Cuban Baroque art encounters Art Nouveau.
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being there. Waves lapping against the sea-stained walls, a young couple in the shadows of an alley in the historic center, guitars and voices filling the air along with the smells of diesel and aftershave, tourists sporting Hemingway beards, Che Guevara on a billboard, a banknote, a key chain, a t-shirt; all this is Havana. Audacious, contradictory and incredibly beautiful. Don’t come here looking for answers. Just come with an open mind and get ready for a place of slow charismatic seduction.

Loma del Ángel is at the heart of all this, in the touristic hub, near most of the principle attractions and four main squares. That’s why this is the perfect starting point for your visit to the most charismatic historic sites of the capital. You can visit many attractions and dive into this innately charming, contradictory city, profoundly rich in history and culture.

The name of the neighborhood is Loma del Ángel. From the hotel, you can easily reach the Revolution Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Tobacco Museum, the Rum Museum, the National Theater of Havana “Alicia Alonso”, the Central Park La Habana Vieja and the Malecón in front of Havana Bay.